Licenses (for buyers).

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Information about licenses. 

We are primarily a stock illustration store, so illustrations are our main product.

Because of this, we offer five types of licenses with different rights and prices for all our products, depending on the client's needs.

We will explain their usage using illustrations as an example, but they are also applicable to other items such as logos or brushes.

A license is the right to perform certain actions, confirmed by a document of the same name.

By selling a product to a client under a specific license, you transfer certain rights to them for its usage.

These rights mostly concern the ability to derive commercial benefit from using your artwork.

It's important to note that regardless of the type of license purchased by the client, they are prohibited from selling the artwork itself, transferring it to third parties, distributing it in any way, exchanging it, etc.

The artist remains the copyright holder of the artwork.

They are simply sharing the right with the client to derive income from using the artwork.

The client is also prohibited from making significant alterations to the artist's artwork.

Minor adjustments are allowed, such as recoloring, using a full-length or close-up version.

For example, if a client purchased an image of a girl, they can recolor her hair or dress, use only her face in a close-up, or use the entire image.

However, they cannot redraw the artwork to change a white girl to an Asian girl or a thin girl to a full-figured one, as such interventions are considered significant.

So, we have five types of licenses:

▪ PU only: License for personal use in digital environments.

▪ CU Basic: Basic license for commercial use.

▪ CU Extended: Commercial license for small businesses.

▪ CU Unlimited: Commercial license for large companies.

▪ R4R: Commercial license with the right for further modifications and resale of the image.

If you're unsure about which type of license to choose for your products, consider the level of originality in your works.

Make it a rule that large business licenses are only sold for original works that will not pose legal difficulties for buyers due to copyright infringement.

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