How to upload pictures to the catalog (PSP Tube Artists) ?

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. How to upload pictures to the catalog (PSP Tube Artists) ?

PLEASE read the instructions carefully, everything written is intended to prevent mistakes and help you upload your work quickly without the need for future corrections!

  1. The file should be in PSD format, the preview should be in JPG or PNG format, all of them packaged in a single ZIP archive. The PSD file should be at least 300 dpi and 900 pixels on the longer side, ideally aiming for 2000 by 2000 pixels or larger.

  2. Previews in the archive will be displayed in the catalog in alphabetical order, so please keep this in mind when naming the previews. The main preview MUST be a FULL-BODY IMAGE, strictly sized at 550 by 550 pixels, on a lightened background resembling a CLOSE-UP (a close-up of the face). Other previews can be of any size, but should not exceed 550 pixels on the longer side. All files and the archive should not contain SPACES in the names; only underscores (_) are allowed. Otherwise, the archive will fail to upload and an error will be displayed.




  1. When you DOUBLE-CLICK the archive, it should open the preview and PSD file together. If, upon double-clicking, you see a folder that needs to be clicked again, the archive will not load.

  2. The PSD file must always include a background on a separate layer (which should be disabled in the final version for sale), as well as a separate layer with author information (also disabled). The author information should be in the following format: Artist: YourName Site: Links to personal websites, blogs, other stores, etc., are NOT ALLOWED anywhere on the layers or in the archive.

  3. The final version of the PSD should be presentable, meaning it should contain all the necessary layers in an activated state. If you are using Photoshop, please make sure that: 1) The PSD file is saved in the RGB 8-bit color mode. 2) All text layers are rasterized. 3) Layers should not be grouped in any way (into folders, etc.). Please, for the convenience of buyers, try to name the layers in a way that gives a rough idea of what they represent.

  4. The archive is uploaded to My uploads - Images, after which you need to click on EDIT and fill in the fields. It is important to select the appropriate category from the dropdown list to ensure that the artwork is placed in the correct catalog. 

7. After clicking Add to catalog, the artwork will appear in the catalog within 5-10 minutes. 

8. We have a limit on the number of artworks that can be uploaded per day - a maximum of 3 artworks.

A bit of statistics:

◈ In 5 out of 10 cases, when we receive complaints from new artists and designers about the archive not uploading, the issue is due to an extra folder in the archive.

◈ The remaining 5 cases involve spaces in the file or archive names, as well as an incorrect size of the main preview (anything other than 550 by 550).

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